Project 365 | Day 110: Honesty Time.
When I first cut my hair, I was miserable all the time. As time progressed and it began to grow, I I started getting more confident. Further down the journey of being a natural haired woman, I became more and more comfortable with myself. Until the real challenge approached. “No heat regimen.” For those of you who don’t know, it means, no blowdryer, no flat iron… Just, no heat. At first I was like “Piece of cake.” and I would start to go forth until one day it occurred to me, when I don’t straighten my hair, I wear hats… All the time. Somehow, there was shame within me. Like, I was okay with the thought of being natural as long as I wasn’t completely natural. Today, I stripped my bandanna off, and really took the time to massage my scalp, to feel the coils in the curls of my hair. I pulled it and let it bounce back into place, and slowly I began to feel why every woman embraces the naturalness of their hair. It felt nice to know this was my hair. Crazy, unkempt, bouncy… Like me. When did I lose sight of that?
I guess that’s how every aspect of life is. You can never really enjoy something until you endear it. Even the ugliest creatures can take you to the most majestic of places.